Passion for Innovation and Renewal


Our members form the beating heart of InnoGrowers. They are all leaders in the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector, driven by an insatiable passion for innovation and discovery. We proudly welcome eight leading companies that are at the forefront of our cooperative.

What unites our members is not only their expertise and experience but also their shared enthusiasm for exploring new paths beyond the beaten track. They all enjoy discovering new possibilities and collectively seeking innovative solutions that shape the future of horticulture.

At InnoGrowers, we believe in the power of collaboration. By joining forces, we become stronger, bigger, and capable of making an even greater impact. Our members form a close-knit cooperative of visionaries who believe that by working together, we can push boundaries and guide the future of greenhouse horticulture.

Together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Together, we create an environment where ideas thrive, innovation is encouraged, and successes are celebrated. It is an honor to collaborate with these extraordinary companies, and together we look forward with confidence to a future full of growth, opportunities, and impact.

Our Members

The Valley

The Valley is a producer of various fruit vegetables for the European market. We have fun, work hard, and have a clear ambition. In the next five years, we aim to grow sustainably and naturally to over 100 hectares, placing us among the top in the Netherlands.

Ter Laak Orchids

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion. We do this worldwide at the highest level. We achieve top quality through technical innovations and continuous development of our product. Of course, in a sustainable manner, because being green is rooted in our DNA.

Personal Vision

We are a family business and work every day with a dedicated group of partners and employees to grow the tastiest red and green bell peppers. We do this sustainably at three locations in the municipality of Bleiswijk.

Dings Aardbeien & Brookberries

Brookberries is the specialist in greenhouse strawberries and in 25 years the company has grown to 5 locations. We use the most modern techniques to produce top quality strawberries all year round in an environmentally friendly way.

Fresh Group

Fresh Group is a modern family business. We grow green and red bell peppers and conduct seed breeding. This is done at two locations, totaling 18 hectares, located in Baarlo.

Duijvestijn Tomaten

Duijvestijn Tomatoes has become one of the most innovative and sustainable tomato growers in the world. We lead the way in developing new, sustainable methods to grow, sort, and package crops.

EveryD Flowers

At EveryD Flowers, we grow gerberas with character: with a lot of courage, full of ambition, and sometimes a bit stubborn.

Plant World

With nurseries in Westland and Groningen, we serve customers throughout Europe and beyond. Sustainable relationships are very important to us, both with our employees and suppliers and with our customers. We are also open to collaborations in the field of growth and concept development.

Do you have a question, idea, or want to know if we might be able to collaborate? Contact us below.